If you have an active pest infestation in your home, then you will want to contact a pest control company and arrange for professional extermination services. This is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of rodents or persistent insects, such as cockroaches or carpenter ants. But what do you do once the pest control experts leave? If you want the pests to stay away, it is helpful to perform some pest control maintenance steps in the coming weeks.

Seal any cracks or holes in your foundation

Venture outside, and take a look at your home's foundation. Do you see any cracks or small holes? If so, use some spray foam insulation from the hardware store, and spray it into those cracks and holes. The insulation will expand to fill the holes. This way, pests won't be able to enter your home through gaps and cracks in your foundation.

Trim weeds around your home

Use a weed trimmer and trim back any weeds around the base of your home's foundation. Make sure you follow up and keep doing this, repeatedly, in the coming months. Insects and rodents both like to hide in overgrown weeds. If they are in the weeds next to your home, then they won't have to travel very far to get into your actual home.

Keep trash enclosed

Review the way that you deal with your garbage at home. Consider your kitchen trash, especially. Make sure you have a garbage can that seals up well. Take your trash outside every couple of days, if not daily. Also make sure you have a well-sealed, durable outdoor trash can. Larger pests, like rats, can sneak in through the hinged lids on plastic trash cans. So, you may want to put a concrete block on top of your trash can to ward off pests.

Run a dehumidifier

Invest in a portable dehumidifier. There are plenty of them available at pretty affordable prices. Run this dehumidifier in your basement. It will remove moisture from the air and keep your basement, overall, much dryer. Insects and rodents are not as attracted to dry spaces.

If you perform these maintenance tasks, you should be able to keep your home pest-free after a home pest control service. If you do start seeing pests again, don't hesitate to call the professionals again. They'll have an easier time dealing with the pests before they have a chance to replicate.

If you have any questions, reach out to a residential pest control company in your area.