Mice and rats are notorious rodents that can invade your home and damage your belongings. If these pests have found a home in your living space, you might notice indicators such as droppings and gnawed holes in your property. Once you spot these signs, contact rodent control contractors immediately to rid your home of the pests. Here are four elements that can attract rodents to your residence.


Mice and rats can penetrate your residence looking for food. They may begin by feeding on fallen nuts and fruits in your yard. However, when they run out of these fruits and nuts, they will likely invade your kitchen, looking for scraps, leftovers, and pet food. Thus, if your food items aren't stored in tight containers, rodents can feed on them. These pests can also chew through your packaged foodstuffs, even those in plastic bags. It is a likely sign of a rodent infestation if you wake up to a messy kitchen with food scattered all over the place.

Shelter and Warmth

Rodents typically seek warmth indoors when the temperatures start getting cold outside. As such, you might find squirrels, rats, and mice nesting close to your heating systems. These rodents can also live near your water heater where there's sufficient warmth. Unfortunately, rodents can nibble on the wires when they establish a home close to your appliances. As a result, your appliances suffer damage and may fail or become dangerous to operate.

Vents and Holes

Holes in your walls and roofing may act as entry points for rodents. Mice, for instance, can get into your indoor space through tiny gaps. Rats can also enter your home through cracked windows and foundations. Consequently, the pests may chew or enlarge holes in your furniture to build their nests. If you suspect an infestation, you need an expert to exterminate the rats promptly. This professional can also seal all the holes and openings to help prevent future invasions.


Weeds and bushes in your yard could serve as an open invitation to rodents. Additionally, tall grass on your property may serve as an attractant for rats and mice. If you have indoor plants, rodents can also use them as hiding places. Notably, plants that bear fruit can provide both food and shelter for rats, squirrels, and mice. Accordingly, if you do not trim bushes and water your plants, these pests can live there for a long time.

The above are elements that could attract rodents to your indoor space. Even so, immediate rodent control is invaluable because pest control experts use specialized methods to exterminate these pests from your residence. For more information, contact a company like T A Roberts Pest Control.