If you are like many homeowners, chances are you have some unwelcome visitors on your property, including squirrels, skunks, possums, and raccoons. In addition to scaring your pets and helping themselves to your garbage cans and backyard vegetable gardens, many common wildlife pests can also harbor dangerous diseases. When it comes to getting rid of unwanted wildlife from your backyard, here are a few common mistakes you should avoid.

Trapping The Animal On Your Own

It is easy to purchase a humane trap at your local hardware or home improvement store and these traps are easy to set. However, while the traps are easy to set and handle, it can be difficult to use the traps correctly. For example, the placement of the trap is critical to ensure the animal actually enters the trap. You also need to use the right bait and check the traps at the appropriate time.

Instead, setting traps should always be left to the professionals. In addition to having the traps already, which will save you money on purchasing traps that might be ineffective, the professional will understand the best way to actually trap the wild animal.

Attempting to Relocate the Wildlife

Another common mistake that homeowners make is attempting to relocate the wildlife they trapped. A trapped wild animal will become very frightened and will attempt to lash out. This means that if you mishandle the trap, you could easily become bitten or scratched. These wounds can easily become infected or worse, you could become infected with a potentially serious type of bacteria that wild animals can harbor.

Additionally, you may not relocate the animal far enough from your home. This means that if the wildlife had babies on your property, the wildlife might come back to your property looking for their offspring. Instead, always leave the relocation of dangerous wildlife to the professionals.

Attempting to Poison the Wildlife

If wildlife is destroying your property, you might become frustrated enough to attempt to poison the animals. However, while this can be an effective strategy, you should never attempt to spread poison on your property. In addition to poisoning unwanted wildlife, the products can also poison your pets or the pets of neighbors who wander onto your property.

Instead, allow a professional pest control agent to create a strategy to effectively eliminate wildlife from your property.

Eliminating wildlife from your backyard can be tricky, and you might make a common mistake. If you have any further questions, contact a pest control company—such as Paffy's Pest Control—for assistance.