Rodents are sneaky pests that lurk around your home unnoticed. They can often go unnoticed for some time until it's a problem and your home is overrun with these pests. Rodents are dirty pests that can carry disease and bacteria to spread around your home. If you have rodents, you need to remove them from your home, but you also have to repair your home to prevent these pests from infesting it in the future. Read on for some tips to help you exterminate rodents in your home.

Place Traps Around Your Home

Set traps around your home where you have seen signs of activity for these pests. They often leave behind several signs, but you have to know what to look for. They may leave traces of food, or they may leave behind some of their nesting material. They may also leave marks on your walls where they have been running back and forth to get where they want to be in your home. Set mouse traps throughout your home and then check them often to get rid of the mice that you've trapped. Remove the deceased mice, then reset the traps. Move the traps if you've found other signs in your home.

Repair Holes Or Other Damaged Areas

You need to repair the holes or cracks around your house that are allowing these pests to get into your home. If you don't repair your home, you'll just end up with more mice coming inside. Inspect your foundation and your siding for holes that may be large enough for these pests to come inside. Then look around your window and door seals, as well as around other openings, wiring, and piping that comes into your home, which may allow these pests inside. Make the necessary repairs to your home to prevent the mice from returning.

Put Away Food

Put away all food and put them into air-tight containers until you can get rid of the mice in your home. Exterior food should also be put into air-tight containers as well. Things that mice may feel are edible, such as fertilizer and grass seed or bird food, should all be put away and stored properly to keep mice out.

If you have a problem with rodents, there are a few things you can begin to do in order to exterminate these pests. Hire a pest control company to help you rid your home of these pests. To learn more about rodent treatment options, contact a local service.