Bed bugs are a nuisance that has become an increasingly common issue for homes in many communities. While these pests can be a notoriously difficult problem to address, many homeowners will find that their issues with managing this pest problem can stem from some common myths and misconceptions.

Myth: Bed Bugs Are Easy to See

A person may assume that they will always be able to easily see bed bugs if their home has this type of infestation. While bed bugs are large enough to be seen, they can be very adept at hiding deep in the fabric. This can make it possible for a home to have a severe bed bug infestation without the occupants seeing these pests frequently. Not surprisingly, individuals may not the droppings and other signs of these pests before they actually see the bed bugs themselves.

Myth: Keeping Your House Clean Will Keep Bed Bug Problems From Developing

Another assumption that is often made about bed bugs is that they prefer extremely dirty homes and environments. This can lead to people thinking that vigorous cleaning will keep these pests from targeting their homes. In reality, the overall level of cleanliness of your home will do little to discourage or prevent a bed bug infestation. This is largely due to the fact that these pests may enter your home by getting into your luggage, recently purchased clothing, or when you bring other fabrics into the home. Due to this reality, you should avoid assuming that your home is not capable of having a bed bug problem due to it being clean. Rather, if you are noticing small bites or other signs of a bed bug infestation, a professional should be contacted to assess the potential problem.

Myth: A Bed Bug Problem Will Require You to Replace Your Clothing and Mattress

When a home has a bed bug issue, individuals might think that simply replacing all of their bedding and clothing will eliminate this problem. In reality, this will do little more than slow the growing bed bug problem in the house. These pests are able to lay large numbers of eggs throughout the home. This can lead to the bed bug problem returning fairly soon even if all of the fabrics in the home were to be thrown away or replaced. To fully eliminate a bed bug problem, a professional pest control provider should be hired, as they can perform treatments that will fully neutralize the bed bugs in the home, as well as the eggs that they may have laid.

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