Termites can cause property damages worth thousands of dollars. Therefore, the best thing to do is to guard your home from termite invasion. Through termite control methods such as fumigation, you can free your home from these wood-eating insects. You also need to watch out for damage signs and take relevant action.

The unfortunate part is that termite damage manifests when extensive damage is already done. Usually, the damage resembles water damage causing the wood to sag, darken, and crumble. Therefore, you need to watch out for the following damages and hire a termite control service when necessary.

1. Damaged Siding

One sure sign that termites have attacked your home is damaged siding. Termites will chew through the siding in the effort to reach the wooden parts. They will then nibble on the wood leaving behind holes. 

If you like stacking wood near your home's wall, you might be exposing it to termite damage. There is a category called subterranean termites, which like shades. So the stack of wood near your wall provides the perfect opportunity to attack your wooden wall. Termites can also find their way to the siding if the floor is wooden. They will then eat their way up, leaving behind costly damages.

2. Damages Studs

If you have a wooden structure such as a shed, you may notice some damages too. Since these insects prefer shades, such structures create a perfect environment for a colony to grow. Once comfortable, they will start eating through the wood, thus forming tunnels. If you mistakenly step on the damaged parts or a floor, your foot might sink in. You can also check whether your house is infested with termites if you feel hollow when you knock on the suspected wood.

3. Tubes and Tunnels in the Walls

When termites get too comfortable in your wooden structure, they will build mud tunnels. They use soil from the foundation to create moist tunnels that provide the ideal living condition. If you notice this, you need termite control services to terminate them.

4. Water-Like Damage on the Wooden Parts

As mentioned earlier, termite damage resembles water damage. After attacking the wood, the aftermath is swollen and bumpy wooden structures. If you have never experienced it before, you might mistake termite damage for water damage. It is best to hire termite control experts to inspect and eliminate the termites.

If you suspect that you could be dealing with a case of termite infestation, you should call termite control services as soon as possible. Even though the damage may be already done, a permanent solution is required to avoid future recurrence.