When warm weather arrives, so does the urge to spend time outdoors while conditions are favorable. If you dealt with mosquitoes being nuisances in the past, taking precautionary steps in advance of stints where you engage in outdoor activities ensures these pests are not problematic.

Invest In Citronella Options

Mosquitoes tend to stay away from items that smell like citrus. For this reason, manufacturers of candles and tiki torches sell these items with infused citronella as a part of their ingredients. Place candles upon patio tables and light them when you intend on dining outdoors or enjoying leisurely conversations with others. Light citronella tiki torches around the perimeter of your designated outdoor area to keep mosquitoes from getting too close.

Remove All Sources Of Water

Mosquitoes use standing and stagnant water for breeding areas. Anywhere you have water upon your property is an attraction to these insects, so it is best to remove moisture to the best of your ability. Cover birdbaths and kiddie pools during the nighttime hours when they are not being used. After excessive rainfall, dump out containers and check empty tires for water accumulation. Remove debris from your gutter system so water flows freely rather than pooling up inside.

Take The Time To Tend To Your Landscape

Mosquitoes enjoy areas where shade and moisture are prominent. If you have several trees providing shaded areas upon your grounds, consider trimming back branches to allow peeks of sunlight to shine through. These spots are less likely to become affected by the mosquito population and make great areas for congregating with friends and family. While you're at it, clip hedges and mow the lawn to give mosquitoes fewer areas to hide. If you use a water sprinkler or moisturizing system, utilize it during the nighttime hours so moisture dries before you intend on going outdoors for some fun in the sun.

Use Pest Control Products Regularly

If mosquitoes are routinely present around your property, it becomes difficult to enjoy the land if you are constantly swatting them away to avoid bug bites. Contact a pest control service early in the springtime to set up a plan for routine treatment of your property. This service brings along the proper pest control products to make your land less attractive to mosquitoes. Repellants and pest killing agents are used according to your specifications and the business' recommendations to keep your yard mosquito-free.

For more information, contact a mosquito control service.