Have you seen little insect bodies running or flying around your home at night? Do you suspect that you might have an insect infestation? Some insect pests prefer to work at night. And this can make identifying them and eradicating them more difficult.

If you have seen evidence of insect pests in your home, then you might have one or more of the following insect pests in and around your home.

1. German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are the most invasive type of cockroach in the US. Once they infest a home, they are extremely difficult to eradicate. One reason for this is that they prefer to roam and eat at night. But cockroaches are dirty. Because they are happy to crawl through your rubbish and on your floors, they can spread disease and germs to your kitchen surfaces and to food left out overnight.

If you suspect this insect pest has infested your kitchen, start by eliminating all sources of moisture. While cockroaches can go for a long time without eating, like most living things, they need a steady supply of water. Fix leaking taps and remove all sources of moisture from your kitchen, including dishcloths and sponges.

But because cockroaches are very difficult to eradicate, consider calling on the services of pest control to rid you of a stubborn infestation.

2. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs tend to feed at night. The problem is they prefer to feed on humans and their pets, such as cats and dogs. If you wake up in the morning with itchy bites on your body, then you could have a colony of bed bugs living very nearby. Bed bugs nest close to their food source, under and alongside mattresses, in curtains, laundry piles, and even in plug sockets.

This bug usually requires the help of a pest control service to eradicate.

3. Mosquitoes

Everyone knows and dislikes mosquitoes. Once the sun sets, they go in search of a blood meal. If mosquitoes are invading your home at night, then you likely have a source of stagnant, still water near or even within your home where the mosquitoes are laying eggs.

If you can locate and remove the stagnant water, then you can eradicate the mosquito infestation without pest control. But if not, you might have a hidden leak somewhere in your home that is providing the mosquitoes with a breeding site. In this case, a pest control service can help you find and deal with the mosquitoes.

For more information, contact a local pest control service today.