If you've given up fighting pests on your own, or if you just want to prevent pests from getting into your home, call a pest control professional for help. A good way to keep insects under control is to have regular pest control treatments throughout the year. Here's what you might expect starting with the first treatment.

An Initial Assessment Is Done

The first step is for the exterminator to assess your home and property to determine what kinds of pests are present and if you have any serious infestations. Different pests respond to different treatments, so it's important to know what pests need to be targeted.

During the assessment, the pest control professional can also look for problems on your property that attract pests, such as clutter, water damage, or easy availability of food. You might be provided with tips on how to prepare your house for your first pest treatment and measures to take for keeping bugs out of your house.

Pest Treatments Are Applied Inside And Outside

Residential pest control treatments can be applied indoors and outdoors. Your pest control company might use sprays or baits. You might need to leave your home for a few hours until the exterminator says it's safe for you to return, but it's also possible you won't need to leave your house. You'll probably be asked to keep away from any wet areas that have been sprayed until the spray has dried completely, usually after several minutes.

A single treatment might be enough to kill the bugs in your house, but you might need multiple treatments for an infestation. Your pest control company will set a schedule for future treatments if you want to have preventative treatments as well. These might only be applied outdoors, but the exterminator will tailor the treatments to the exact needs of your home and property.

Pests Might Not Disappear Right Away

Some residential pest control treatments use chemicals that attack an insect's growth cycle. You might not see a lower number of adult roaches right away, but young roaches might not be able to develop into adults, so the population reduces over time.

You might notice an increase in certain insects after a pest treatment because the bugs are driven out of hiding by the treatments. If your insect situation doesn't improve right away, it should within a few weeks.

Once you've finally gotten rid of roaches, ants, and spiders, you have a better chance of keeping the pests away when you have regular treatments. Residential pest control treatments are delivered in a way that's safe for your family, so you don't have to worry about having pesticides used in your home when they're applied correctly by a professional.