No one wants pests getting into their business, especially when you are running a restaurant. Pests are not only annoying when running a restaurant; they are unsanitary and can result in you losing your license to operate. When it comes to keeping pests controlled in a restaurant, keeping things clean greatly contributes to a pest-free environment. A pest control professional may advise you to complete the following tasks to keep pests out of your restaurant.

Way #1: Keep the Dumpster Area Clean

You need to make sure that you keep the dumpster area clean. Before trash bags leave your restaurant, make sure the tops are tightly sealed so that no food can fall out of the bag. You don't want to drop debris on the way to the dumpster or have items fall out of the trash bag when putting it into the dumpster.

Always keep the dumpster lids down to keep larger pests from getting into the dumpster. Schedule pick-ups regularly so the dumpster is never overflowing. You should also clean around the dumpster. If your trash company just comes and empties the dumpster, you should power wash the dumpster and the area surrounding it every week after they empty it.

If you have pest problems around your dumpster area, a professional pest control team can set up traps to catch large pests or put down insecticide to keep smaller bugs away from your dumpster area.

Way #2: Proper Dain Cleaning

Certain pests, such as regular flies and drain flies, end up gathering around areas where moisture builds up, such as around sinks and floor drains. These little flies eat leftover food, and they breed in the same area.

The best way to keep these areas clean is to put food waste in the trash and often take the trash out. You should also clean the sinks and floor drains daily to ensure that organic material doesn't build up over time. For example, you can clean the drains with baking soda and vinegar each night to keep them clean.

If you have an infestation of drain flies, a pest control specialist can deep clean and treat your drains to kill the infestation; keeping things that way is up to you.

Way #3: Engage in Proper Food Storage

Finally, you need to make sure that you engage in proper food storage. You need to wipe down and clean dry storage areas daily. You need to rotate food using the first in, first out mindset and put all food in sealed containers. 

A pest control team can seal up all crevices, cracks, and openings to ensure that no little insects or pests can get into your food storage area.

Keeping pests away in a restaurant is all about keeping everything clean; a pest control company can help remove the pests, and then it is up to your staff to keep the restaurant clean. Call a commercial pest control service to get additional help.