If you are seeing opossums in your yard, they are not dangerous animals. They can cause problems as they will go through your outside trash looking for food, however. Opossums also eat snakes which may be a good thing for you. You should remove the opossums from your yard as they can cause damage. Below is more information about this so you can get started.

Damage Opossums Cause

If you have vegetable gardens on your property you may notice something is eating them. This is because opossums will eat the vegetables, as well as your lawn itself. Opossums also dig holes and tunnels under decks, porches, etc. 

If there are any open entry areas in your home the opossums can find their way into these places also. If they do get into your home, you will start to smell urine and feces throughout your home. The urine will stain what it gets on. The opossums will also bring trash and other food they find into the attic or crawlspace. All of this adds up to a stinky mess. 

How to Remove Opossums

If you see or see signs of opossums, never try to remove the animal on your own. In most cases, they do not carry disease, but some opossums will. Because of this, if you are scratched or bitten by one of these rodents you should see a doctor to make sure you do not have an infection.

Contact a wildlife removal company to remove the rodents for you. These professionals have training and experience in removing wildlife from homes. They will generally use traps to trap the opossums. The opossums will then be taken to another area and set free. This is the most humane way to take care of this problem. The wildlife removal company will make sure there are no baby opossums in your home. 

Prevent Opossums 

To prevent opossums from getting back into your home the wildlife removal company will first seal up all entry points found with strong heavy-duty materials so the opossums cannot enter in the future. 

You also need to take steps to prevent opossums. First, make sure there are no food sources outside, such as open trash cans. There are trash cans that have a secure lid instead. If you feed a cat outside, opossums will eat cat food also. Feed the cat close to your home and then remove the food bowl when they are finished eating.

The wildlife removal company can give you much more information about removing these rodents and preventing them.

For more information, reach out to a local wildlife removal service today.