Moles are more than annoying; the tunnels that they leave behind in your yard can be dangerous as well. They can leave behind holes and molehills that make it more difficult to walk around your property, damage your grass, and disturb the roof systems of the plants you have around your home.

Way #1: Dig a Trench

If you have an area of your yard that the moles seem to be especially attacking, such as a vegetable garden, you can protect that area by digging a trench. For the trench to be effective, it will need to be deep.

You are going to want to dig a trench that is about three feet deep around your garden. Then, you are going to want to fill that trench up with wire mesh that is anchored to the ground and then extends above the trench at least a foot as well. You can also fill up the trench with rocks. This will make it harder for moles to dig into your garden.

Most surface tunnels are only a couple of inches below the surface, with runway tunnels about a foot below the surface. Some of their tunnels may extend as deep as 40 inches into the ground. Placing a barrier down 32 inches should deter most moles from that area.

Way #2: Get Rid of Grubs

Moles love to eat grubs in your yard. Grubs are the larva of a beetle that eat grassroots in the summer. They can effectively kill your grass, and they provide food for moles. You can have a pest control professional treat your yard to kill the grubs. By killing the grubs, you will get rid of their food source, which should result in the moles moving on to find more food.

Way #3: Install Ultrasonic Devices

You can also install ultrasonic devices around the perimeter of your yard and garden. An ultrasonic device is designed to be stuck into the ground, with the top showing. The top collects solar energy and allows the ultrasonic device to be powered. The device produces an unpleasant buzzing sound that moles can hear, which can discourage the moles from digging in your yard.

Way #4: Use Strong Smells

Like all creatures, there are some smells that moles don't like. One of those smells is castor oil. You can purchase castor oil in liquid and pellet form. It releases a smell that not just moles but gophers and voles don't like as well. You can apply the castor oil right around their holes. You may need to reapply it a few times to drive them away.

If you have pests that you want to get rid of, contact a mole control company. They can capture and release the moles away from your home.