If you have way too many mosquitoes in your backyard, then a pest control company may have recommended installing a mosquito misting system. These automated systems make mosquito control easier, eliminating the need to spray by hand or constantly light citronella candles. However, you probably have a few questions as you consider whether purchasing one of these systems is worthwhile.

How do mosquito misting systems work?

Mosquito misting systems work by periodically releasing little bursts of pesticides into your yard. Generally, your pest control contractor will set the system up. There will be nozzles all around the perimeter of your yard, as well as additional nozzles near potential mosquito breeding sites, such as ponds and low spots that gather water. Most systems spray twice per day — once in the morning, and once in the evening after the sun goes down. They can be put on a timer so that they spray automatically; you don't need to think about a thing.

What are the differences between tankless and standard mosquito spraying systems?

You will probably see these two types of systems being sold, so naturally, you will wonder what the difference is and which one you should choose. Standard mosquito spraying systems have a big tank of insecticides and hoses running from that tank to various nozzles. But today, tankless systems are becoming more common. In spite of what the name suggests, these systems do still have a tank, but the tank is much smaller. The small tank holds a really concentrated insecticide, and the system connects to your hose or irrigation system. Water runs through the small tank to dilute the insecticide, which gets sent out to a system of nozzles.

Are mosquito spraying systems safe for pets?

This is a huge concern among pet owners. Most systems are safe for pets, but you will want to check the label to be sure. There should be a statement by the EPA on the package or label, stating that the insecticides inside pose no risk to pets when used and diluted as directed. Basically, the insecticides released by the mosquito misting system don't linger in the environment too long, so your pet won't really come into contact with them as long as they're not directly sprayed. Just keep your dog out of the back yard when you know the misters are scheduled to go off, and you should be good.

To learn more about automated mosquito misting systems, talk to a local pest control company, like Jacksons Mosquito & Pest Control. They can tell you about the specific system or systems they recommend and install.