A cabin that you do not live in on a regular basis presents some unique challenges when it comes to pest control. Since you're not there all the time, an infestation can go unnoticed for quite a while and become very severe by the time you take action. Also, since you're not always around, you can't do things like spray every day or check mouse traps daily. So how do you go about pest control at a cabin? Hiring a pest control service is a good approach. Here are some things they can and will do to keep pests at bay.

Setting Baits

Traps will only kill the individual insects that get trapped, and if you are not there to empty or replace the traps, this approach does not go very far. Baits, on the other hand, can be very helpful in an empty cabin. Baits are meant to attract insects. They contain a food substance that the insects eat and also bring back to their nests. A few hours after eating the substance, however, the insects die. Baits work well because they don't just kill the bugs that find the baits — they keep entire colonies under control. Even if a few bugs find their way into your cabin while you're gone, you won't arrive back to a booming population. This approach works well for ants and roaches.

Putting Down an Insecticide Barrier

Another thing your pest control company can do is spray a heavy barrier of insecticides around the perimeter of your cabin. Most insects will not cross this barrier. Some will attempt, and they will then come into contact with the insecticides and die. These barriers can last a few months, making them a good choice for homes you don't live in full-time.

Spraying and Cleaning the Exterior

Insects like box elder bugs and lady bugs can collect on the outsides of cabins, and they especially enjoy cabins made from wood. A pest control company can spray the exterior of your cabin with specialized insecticides to repel and kill these bugs. If needed, they may clean or recommend cleaning the cabin before these sprays are applied. This will remove any residues that could attract bugs, and it will also help the insecticides stick better.

If you have a cabin that's empty for much of the year, do not neglect pest control. Hire professional pest control services to protect the cabin with the three services above.