Your workplace is much different from your own home, though you should try to keep it clean like your own home. Still, pests can easily get into a workplace as it's usually empty at some point, and it may be near other businesses or areas where pests are likely to be, such as an open field or a dumpster. To prevent workplace pests, read on for tips.

1. Clean Desk Spaces

All desk spaces should be kept clean and tidy. If food is kept at the desk or food is eaten at a desk, this area should be kept clean. Offer bleach wipes in order to allow employees to clean up after themselves or some sort of all-purpose cleaner to clean desk spaces. Food kept at the desk needs to either be in sealed containers or should be banned all together to prevent a pest problem. 

2. Wipe Kitchen Spaces Daily

All kitchen area should be wiped down daily, either by employees or by a hired cleaning service. A cleaning service can keep your workplace clean and tidy, but it can be costly to use one on a daily basis. Employees should pitch in to clean up after themselves in the kitchen, wiping down counters, cleaning the refrigerator often, cleaning around coffee pots and other common areas that tend to get dirty or attract pests.

3. Keep Parking Lots Clean

Be sure the parking lot around the business is kept clean and free of debris and litter. If you have litter surrounding the lot, it could attract pests easily. Have someone once per month clean the parking lot areas and elsewhere around the building in order to prevent pests from coming into the lot and eventually into the building.

4. Hire A Pest Control Service

Using a pest control service to come out to your workplace to check for pests often is very important in helping prevent pests. A pest control company can find the source of your pest problem and help you figure out how to repair or clean the area to prevent future pest problems. Contract a pest control company so they come out monthly to check for pests and stays on top of the issue, rather than calling one to come out on an as-needed basis.

Go online to sites like to find a pest control company. They will help you prevent and get rid of any pests you are having problems with.