Do you need to hire a professional pest control contractor? Whether termite treatments, bed bug control, or another similar service are necessary to make your home pest-free, take a look at the questions to ask before you try a DIY approach.

Do You Know What Type of Pests Are in Your Home?

What may seem like a termite invasion may have another cause. Likewise, small brownish bugs that look like bud bugs could be invasive beetles. If you're not sure what type of pest is in your walls, kitchen cabinets, floorboards, furniture, or other home space, you need an expert to inspect the area. An exterminator has the knowledge necessary to identify pests and distinguish one species from another.

Do You Know Where the Pests Live?

Before you can successfully exterminate a pest, you need to know where it lives in your home. Failure to find the nest or locate all the pest's hiding places could lead to a re-infestation.

Even though some pests may leave behind tell-tale nesting signs, others may confuse the novice pest controller. While you might find piles of termite wings on the floor or window sill of your home, the wood eaters don't live out in the open. Instead, these pests are more likely to live in your walls, under the floors, or around the foundation.

Termites aren't the only pests that aren't always easy to find. Bed bugs may live in beds. But these common invaders also live in baseboards, in between floorboards, in furniture, behind electrical outlet covers, under wallpaper, or behind paintings or other similar types of artwork. Likewise, ants, mice, mosquitoes, and other pests may nest in hidden areas of the home.

Do You Know How to Safely Exterminate the Pests?

Chemical and biological pest control methods can pose a risk if not used correctly. If you don't know what ingredient is in the control product or you have no experience using it, leave this job to the professional. Failure to correctly apply chemicals in your home could pose a toxicity risk to you, your household members, and your pets.

Do You Know How to Effectively Exterminate the Pests?

Not only do professionals know how to safely eliminate the pests from your home, but they also know how to effectively get rid of the problem. Poorly or incorrectly applied pest control products won't completely exterminate the invaders. This could lead to another infestation. A professional will do the job right the first time—minimizing the likelihood of a repeat pest problem.