If you determine that your home is at risk of having termites, then you want to make sure you do some very important things. The first thing you want to do is to make a call to a pest control company and have them come out to inspect your home and the other structures to see if there are termites. If they find that there are termites, then you need to have them get rid of them for you as soon as possible. The longer your home has termites, the more extensive the damage will be. Also, you want to take care of the issues that have increased the chances of having them in your home. Here are some things that can increase the risk of termites in your home and other structures: 

Your basement isn't properly ventilated

If you have a basement that isn't properly ventilated and you deal with moisture issues, then this is something that can be putting your home at an increased risk of ending up with termites. You want to make sure you don't already have termites from the condition of your basement and make sure you have the basement ventilation improved. Not only will this make your home less likely to get termites, but it will also prevent a lot of other issues from happening. 

You have leaks along the home's exterior

If you find that there are leaks on the home's exterior that are close to the foundation and the walls, then this has put your home at a greater risk of having termites. Along with having the home inspected for termites, you are also going to want to get the plumber out right away to take care of the leaks. You will also need to have any damage to the home repaired to avoid having the damage spread and become worse. 

You've been storing wood near your home

If you have been storing wood near your home and you find that the wood has termites, then there is a good chance that you also have termites in your home. You need to come up with a better spot to store your wood where the wood is also off of the ground. Have the home inspected and have the termites in the home and elsewhere all taken care of and be more careful of where you put wood in the future, so you don't have the same thing happen.