Spiders can help kill insects around your home, but just because they're tackling some of the pest control around your house doesn't mean you want to share your space with them. Spiders aren't exactly the best house guests, and they don't really have any boundaries. They'll pop up while you're in the shower, or they may surprise you when you least expect it, crawling out of nowhere. All houses have some spiders from time to time, but if you have a lot of spiders in your home, it's a problem that you need to do something about. Read on for reasons why you have spiders in your home and what you may be able to do to get rid of them. 

Why Are Spiders In Your Home?

There's something attracting spiders to your home, so you may just be a very accommodating host for these spiders. If you're giving them the dark, dank spaces that they like to live in, they're going to keep coming into your home. If you have a lot of spaces for them to hide in, they're going to want to stay with you. Spiders love dark spaces and places to hide to keep them safe. If you have a lot of clutter to keep spiders well hid, it's the ideal place for them. This goes for inside or even outside your home. Also, if you have a lot of other pests for them to eat, spiders are going to be attracted to your home as well.

How You Can Get Rid Of Spiders?

You know why they're there and what's attracting them to your home, so it's time to clean house — literally. Clean up clutter around your home and remove as much as stuff as you can that is just laying around on your floors. If spiders don't have spaces to hide, they aren't going to stick around. Remove clutter, and start picking up both inside and outside, as well as in the garage. Store belongings where they should go, instead of stacked on the floor. Also turn off your outside lights at night to keep spiders from finding a food source, as pests are attracted to the light. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth around your home, inside or outside, to kill spiders and other pests. You can also spray peppermint essential oil around your house as well to repel spiders and keep them away.

If you are having issues with spiders, call a specialist to help you with spider removal and for further information about how to keep them away.