Termites can become a huge problem for your home before you even know that there could be an issue with them. If you aren't proactive and knowledgeable about termites, then they can spend a lot of time causing damage and destruction to your home while you go about your life not even thinking about the possibility of there being any termites on your property at all. Along with your home, there are many other areas on your property that can also be at risk. Here are things you should know about termites.

Termites can affect anything made from wood

Your home won't be the only thing you have to worry about when it comes to termites. You also need to worry about any outbuildings on the property and these can include your garages, your work sheds, your storage sheds, your wooden picnic bench, the patio deck, and even the wood of your boat. So, while you are staying watchful of your home, you want to include everything made or containing wood on the property. In fact, even trees and woodpiles can become infested with termites. 

Termites can create dangerous situations

When termites destroy the frame of structures, including your home, it can lead to the structure becoming unstable and it can get to the point where it could collapse. This is the same with trees; the termites can eat away at so much of a tree that it can fall, which can put everything and everyone near it in danger. 

Termites do leave signs, if you look

When you have termites in your home, or somewhere else on your property, the signs may not be as obvious as they are when you have other pests. However, they do leave signs, if you know what to look for and you pay attention. After the termites go through the fertilization process, they will shed their wings and this can produce thousands of small translucent wings in one area. Also, termites travel through tiny tunnels that almost look like thin coffee straws made from dirt and they will appear at places like along the baseboard, or along the outside of the home, right against the home's exterior wall. They can also appear anywhere else where the termites travel, such as along a wall inside a cabinet or along a wooden window sill. If you see any possible signs of termites, have a professional come out to inspect.

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