Summer will be here in a few short weeks. You and your kids will be spending more time outside. If there are ants in the yard, your risk of being bitten will increase dramatically. Unfortunately, ants are common outdoor pests. Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep ants out of your yard. The steps provided below will help keep ants out of your yard this summer. 

Schedule Pest Control Services

You may plan to use over-the-counter pesticides for your summer ant control. If that's the plan, you need to make some changes. Over-the-counter sprays may take care of the occasional ant. But they're not as effective at eliminating major infestations. If ants are a serious problem in your yard, start the summer with professional pest control services. A professional exterminator will provide you with broad-spectrum ant control all summer long. 

Clean Your Rain Gutters

During the summer, ants scavenge for food, shelter and water. Dirty rain gutters provide them with all three. Once ants invade your gutters, they'll use them as an access point to the rest of your yard. Unfortunately, they can also use the space as an access point to your home. The best way to stop the traveling is to clean your gutters. Before summer arrives, remove the leaves and debris from your gutters. Keep the problem away by cleaning your gutters regularly throughout the summer. 

Repair Roof Damage

Roof problems are a real problem where ants are concerned. Ants often nest under damaged shingles, especially during the summer. They'll also chew through shingles, causing more damage to your roof. Unfortunately, the roof provides easy access to your yard and to your home. If you have damaged shingles, now's the time to take care of the repairs. Taking care of the repairs will reduce the risk of ant infestation this summer. It's a good idea to inspect your roof at least once during the summer. The inspection will allow you to identify ant activity and damage. 

Keep the Grass Cleared

If you typically leave clippings in the yard when you mow your lawn, you need to make some changes this summer. Many people use thatched clippings as a natural fertilizer. But, those clippings create the perfect nesting place for ants. Unfortunately, that increases the risk that your children and pets will be bitten when they play in the grass. Reduce that risk. Keep your grass cleared all summer long.

To learn more, contact an ant exterminator.