So you've just discovered that you have a bed bug infestation. Your first reaction may be to freak out as your mind races on how to get rid of them. It's important to find out how you contracted the bed bugs so you can backtrack where they may be hiding out. The one thing about these creepy crawlies is that they hide out in the smallest nooks and crannies, not just your bed. Their trickery can make it hard to eradicate them completely from your home. Here are some ways you can beat their tricks and outsmart them once and for all. 

Look for Signs

Bed bugs are small, typically the size of an apple seed, and are mahogany to rusty brown in color. One of the first signs that you may identify with a bed bug infestation is waking up with visible bite marks. These marks are usually found on your chest, arms, and legs and appear to look like large mosquito bites. They also itch, much like mosquito bites.

However, bed bugs tend to bite in triangular patterns, unlike mosquitoes. In fact, they inject an anesthetic and anticoagulant before they bite, so you won't feel it. You may also see some dried blood pieces on your sheets or pillows. Lifting your mattress and looking closely at the seams may reveal the actual bed bugs, their eggs, and their feces. 

Know Their Patterns

The perfect time for feeding on their blood source is typically in the middle of the night to early morning. They sneak out of the woodwork so-to-speak and look for food. This undercover routine allows them to indulge in their meal without being brushed away or bothered. They avoid the light, so you may not see them crawling visibly on your sheets before you go to bed. 

Check Common Hideout Spots

So you've done a thorough cleaning of your bedroom and furniture and even had a professional treatment done, but you are still seeing a sign of bed bug recurrence. Recognize this pattern? Many times, your infestation is bigger than you initially thought, or there were some that scurried away quickly once the insecticide was applied. Bed bugs love to go into covert mode and sneak into hidden spaces to avoid getting caught. Check places like:

  • Light bulbs and fixtures
  • Outlets
  • Floor boards
  • Furniture crevices
  • Behind wall decor

Bed bugs don't discriminate and will hide in any warm place they can find. If you spot more bed bugs, call a pest control specialist for proper bed bug removal. Bed bugs are masters in disguise. This is what makes them so hard to catch and kill. Don't hesitate to have a bed bug pro come to your home and evaluate your infestation. The quicker the bugs are gone, the faster you can go back to a normal life.