Bed bugs are never easy to get rid of. If you live in an apartment, the problem can be even worse, especially where eliminating the bugs is concerned. If you've discovered bed bugs in your apartment, you need to act fast. Here are four steps to take when your apartment is infested with bed bugs. 

1. Notify Your Property Manager

If you've found bed bugs in your apartment, the first thing you need to do is notify your property manager. They'll need to be made aware of the infestation. They should call for pest control services immediately. However, if they don't, continue to make contact until they provide you with a treatment date for your unit. If your property management company continues to delay treatment, make contact with your local health department. They can put you in contact with the right agency to help get the ball rolling. 

2. Talk to Your Neighbors

If you have bed bugs in your apartment, you should talk to your neighbors, especially those who share the adjoining units. If you have bed bugs, chances are good that the adjoining units are dealing with an infestation as well. Unfortunately, if you attempt to clear the bed bugs out of your unit, they could travel back and forth between apartments. To get rid of them permanently, you and your neighbors will need to work together to eliminate the problem. 

3. Clean Your Apartment

Once you've notified the property managers and your neighbors, you'll need to start cleaning your apartment. The first thing you should do is wash all your laundry. The best way to do that is to take your laundry to a local laundromat, which will allow you to get everything done at once. Not only that but the dryers tend to get a bit hotter, which will help kill the bed bugs. In addition to doing the laundry, you'll also need to vacuum your entire home and clean the mattresses. Before you place the sheets back on your beds, be sure to encase them in protective coverings. That way, bed bugs can't make a repeat appearance on your beds. 

4. Avoid DIY Methods

If your property management company hasn't called for pesticide treatment, you may think that a quick DIY treatment is ideal. Unfortunately, some DIY methods will only make the matter worse, especially where bug bombs are concerned. If every adjoining neighbor doesn't bomb their apartments at the same time, you could end up with bugs that just move through the walls until the air is clear. Instead of going DIY, consider hiring bed bug extermination services to handle the situation.